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New! APSAC Advisor Volume 32, Issue 2: Special Issue on Forensic Interviewing

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APSAC is pleased to bring you the latest issue of the APSAC Advisor, guest edited by Kathleen

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Coulborn Faller, PhD, ACSW, LMSW. This long-awaited Special Issue on Forensic Interviewing provides an update on the most prevalent forensic interviewing structures, as well as articles on other topics important to forensic interviewers. This issue is essential reading for new forensic interviewers, experienced interviewers looking for the latest updates and tools available to the field, and everyone in between.

The contents include:

  • Introduction to the Special Issue: Forensic Interview Protocols: An Update on the Major Forensic Interview Structures | Kathleen Coulborn Faller, PhD, ACSW, LMSW, Special Issue Guest Editor

  • APSAC’s Approach to Child Forensic Interviews: Learning to Listen | Patricia Toth, JD

  • A Look Inside the CornerHouse Forensic Interview Protocol™ | Julie Stauffer, MSW, LICSW

  • NICHD: Where We’ve Been and Where We Are Now | Heather Stewart, MA & David La Rooy, PhD

  • Why RADAR? Why Now? An Overview of RADAR Child Interview Models | Mark D. Everson, PhD; Scott Snider, LCSW; Scott M. Rodriguez, BS; Christopher T. Ragsdale, MSW, LCSW, BCD, LCDR, MSC, USN

  • The Evolution of The Childhood Trust Child Forensic Interview Training | Julie Kenniston, MSW, LISW

  • ChildFirst® Forensic Interview Training Program | Rita Farrell, BS & Victor Vieth, JD, MA

  • Interviewing Preschool Children | Linda Cordisco Steele, MEd, LPC

  • Taking AIM: Advanced Interview Mapping for Child Forensic Interviewers | Mark D. Everson, PhD; Scott Snider, LCSW; Scott M. Rodriguez, BS

  • Why Forensic Balance Should Be Recognized as a Foundational Best Practice Standard- A Commentary on the State of Child Forensic Interviewing | Mark D. Everson, PhD & Scott M. Rodriguez, BS

Plus our regular features, including the News of the Organization, Washington Update, and an APSAC Research to Practice Brief.

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