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New! APSAC Advisor 36(1): Black Families and the Child Welfare System

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APSAC is announcing the latest issue of the APSAC Advisor from guest editors: Jessica Pryce PhD, MSW; Reiko Boyd, MSW. This special issue, entitled “Black Families and the Child Welfare System,” is focused on confronting systemic racism and bias as they impact disproportionality and injustice experienced by African American families in child welfare.

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Table of Contents:


Guest Editors: Jessica Pryce, PhD, MSW; Reiko Boyd, PhD, MSW.

Revolutionizing Child Welfare through an Anti-Oppressive and Anti-Racist Research Framework:

Guidelines from Applying Institutional Analysis to Racial Disparities

Kelechi Wright, MA; Sarah McCall, MLS; Shelby Clark, PhD, LCSW; Kaela Byers, PhD, MSW;

Becci Akin, PhD, MSW.

Income, Ethnicity, and Equality: Assessing Racial Disparities in Foster Care Using a Self -Sufficiency Range

Koren Hanson, MA; Justin Caouette, PhD; Kevin Haggerty, PhD; Martie Skinner, PhD;

Susan Barkan, PhD; Adam Davis, MSW, LCSW; Bethany Sparkle, MSW;

William Benjamin Packard, MSW, LICSW.

Sharing Our Story in a Safe Space: Using Community Caf.s to Empower African American Voices in

Child Welfare Intervention Research

Helen Robinson, MPH, MSW; María Ocampo, MSW; Mary Shires, LMSW; Grace Newton, MSW;

Melissa Jonson-Reid, PhD; Sanaria Sulaiman, MA; Patricia Kohl, PhD

African, Caribbean, Black Family-Group Conferencing Project (ACB-FGC): A Culturally Responsive

Program to Support ACB Children and Families Involved with the Ontario Child Welfare System

Sewsen Igbu, PhD Student; Lance McCready; Bryn King; Priscilla Ocran, MSW; Clodagh Rawle-Davis, MSW;

Nakema Rae McManamna, MSW; Yasmin Lalani, PhD.

The Multi-ethnic Placement Act: Preventing Discrimination or Promoting Colorblindness?

Sierra Wollen, MSW; Angelique Day, MSW, PhD; John Fowler, PhD Candidate; Van Phan, MA

Anti-Black Racism within Child Welfare Services: Past, Present, and Future

Bridget Cho, PhD; Julia Fleckman, PhD, MPH; Judith Scott, PhD, MPP, MSW