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The APSAC Advisor currently is seeking Consulting Editors in the following areas:

  • Early Childhood Education
  • Child Welfare
  • Equity & Social Justice
  • Prevention
  • Public Health

The primary responsibility of a Consulting Editor is to assist in the identification of reviewers for the Advisor within their area of expertise. The Editorial Team will contact the Consulting Editors as manuscripts are submitted to assist in the process of identifying appropriate reviewers. It is estimated that this will be one or two emails a month. Consulting Editors occasionally may be asked to review a manuscript that is directly in their area. When there is a disagreement among reviewers, Consulting Editors may also be asked to provide guidance to the Editorial Team. Additionally, the Consulting Editors may be asked to provide feedback and generate ideas for special issues and potential guest editors. They may also be asked to contribute to commentary providing a perspective from their area of expertise. Serving as a Consulting Editors is an unpaid volunteer position with a two-year term. Consulting Editors will be recognized in each issue of the Advisor.

People interested in serving as a Consulting Editor should submit 1) a letter describing their interest, qualifications, and description about their ability to contribute the APSAC’s commitment to eliminate systemic racism and implicit bias in the child maltreatment field and indicating if they are a APSAC member or willing to join APSAC if selected as a Consulting Editor 2) their resume/curriculum vitae to the APSAC Adviser Editorial Team at Materials are due by August15, 2021. Please send materials and any questions to